Change Log

In a concerted effort to keep our fans up-to-date on everything we’re working on, we’ll be sharing what we’ve changed, added, and updated right here in our Change Log. These logs will be present for all client-side updates to the game, as well as a few server-side updates/changes, should they impact players. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support Team.


Change log for April 9, 2018 – Version 2.4.1

Along with bug fixes we are updating the Siege map to make it easier to tell which Bases have been damaged by other Chapter members.

New Features:

  • Siege nodes that are damaged but not destroyed will now billow smoke so players can easily tell which ones are damaged.

  • Some Siege nodes have been moved to make them easier to tap on.

  • The Chapter HQ screen has been improved to always show relevant Chapters that a player can join.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that could cause Haywire and Dominate powers to crash the game if used on a Tanglefoot Launcher in mid shot.

  • The Tanglefoot Launcher shot animation will now always land where the Tanglefoot zone appears.

  • Laelius Whisperbane’s Tactic should now correctly add the appropriate amount to his maximum health and allow players to complete bonus objectives.

  • Players can now Attack and Recon Hero’s Agony Outposts that now appear on World Map without crashing the game.

  • A warning message that the Siege is running out of time should no longer pop up if you have defeated the Siege in Bronze Tier.

  • Heroes wearing Double Ceremite Wargear should now start battles with the correct amount of health.

Amazon Specific Bug Fixes

  • Scrolling should now work properly on all screens.

IOS minimum requirements

  • IOS users will now be required to use IOS 9.3.5 or higher to run Drop Assault properly.


Changelog for March 21, 2018 – Version 2.4.0

We are releasing 18 new Heroes over the coming weeks and making vital balance changes to help players defend their bases and develop new attack strategies.

New Features:

  • 18 new Heroes will be released over the coming weeks, including 3 new Epic Heroes, 8 new Rare Heroes and 7 new Uncommon Heroes.

  • An instant build button has been added to help players construct buildings more efficiently.

  • Chapter mates can now see if you paid for a Siege attack using a Mark of Honor or Machine Spirit in the Siege Tab.

  • You will no longer gain a notification icon on the Chat tab when you or your Chapter mates complete Siege attacks

Balance Changes:

  • Percent damage based attacks and Tactics from Heroes and Turrets will now be capped based upon the owner’s Player Level. Some Heroes have had their stats adjusted to account for this change.

    • Implosion Strike’s Haywire duration has been reduced at all levels.

  • All Life-Stealing effects are now capped at a maximum of 300 health per second. Any Life-Stealing above this amount will be pooled and provided to the Hero when the Hero’s damage is not over the cap.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause Heroes that increase their maximum heath to not properly cap the maximum amount of maximum health they could gain, especially when using the Tactic multiple times. Some Heroes have had their stats adjusted to account for this change.

    • Harvest Souls’ percent damage progression adjusted and increased at higher levels.

  • The Tanglefoot Launcher can now attack units even if they are stealthed. If a unit that is stealthed enters the Tanglefoot Shell’s Area of Effect they can be targeted by other turrets. Should they leave the Area of Effect while still stealthed, they will once again become untargetable.

  • Reduced the damage reduction of Bunkers to 45% in Skirmish.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the Large Archeotech Cache may not work correctly if you had resumed the game after suspending it for a number of hours.

  • Fixed an issue where tournament rewards may display to the user multiple times at login.

  • Fixed an issue where similar Relic bonuses for different types of Turrets would grey each other out even though both were in fact giving their respective bonuses to the respective Turret type.

  • Sieges will no longer give notifications when you change tier for a siege that was completed.

  • Born Survivor will no longer improperly cause the hero to revive more than once per battle.

  • The Join button will now be greyed out on Chapter descriptions when you do not fulfil the Chapter’s Glory requirements.

  • Troops, Heroes and Vehicles that have died and been revived will now immediately be targetable by Troops and Turrets even if they have not moved.

  • Fixed an issue causing Heroes to sometimes not gain the proper health bonus from the Warlord Throne.

  • The Psychic Drain Talent should now provide the correct amount of health listed in the talent description.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the UI not to show that that the free Skirmish Troop Replenishment event had ended and would charge you for them as normal.

  • Fixed an issue when using Heroes that could revive Troops that could cause Troops not to be revived into the correct company and cause them to get “stuck” on nodes during Skirmish.

  • Fixed an issue where the Siege tab would not auto-scroll to the bottom of the window like other Chat tabs.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Graviton Turrets to target Babak-Tu when he used his Hero Tactic. Turrets with targeting restrictions will now follow those restrictions even when being forced to target a specific unit.

  • Fixed an issue where units would move unnecessarily to attack a new target within their range after killing their last target.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the victory rewards window not to look correct if too many rewards were being displayed.

  • Fixed an issue that caused level 7 and 8 Bolter Turret muzzle flashes to not be aligned correctly with the direction they were shooting.

  • Fixed an issue where under very specific circumstances units who were ordered to attack a target within their range could stop attacking until the object was destroyed or they were given a new order.

  • Fixed a number of issues with replays that could cause replays to show an attacker had lost even if they had won or lost more or fewer troops.

  • Corrected the displayed prices of mines in the building menu to accurately reflect the cost to build them.

  • Corrected an issue that caused the amount of rewards being displayed during a PVE drop assault to be incorrect when you had bonus rewards, though the amount of rewards received was correct.

  • Fixed an issue whereby equipped Wargear would no longer function after your Hero was revived.

  • Fixed some display issues with the tutorial.

  • Fixed and issue that could cause the game to crash if all of your Troops and Hero died during the withdraw countdown.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to be unable to claim the Empire Builder achievement even after fulfilling the requirements

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the HUD to temporarily disappear after taking certain actions.

  • Machine Spirit can now properly be claimed for all successful defenses wherein which the attacker loses half or more of their troops.

  • Fixed an issue that could affect scrolling and zooming on the Siege map.

Android Specific Bug Fixes:

  • The Scriptorium and Warlord Throne interfaces should now load much faster than before, especially on older devices.

  • Hitting the back button while watching a replay should now return you to the world map.

iPhone Specific Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue on iPhone X that caused the interface to appear underneath the notch.


Changelog for November 16, 2017 – Version 2.3.0

Introducing Sieges! Coordinate with your Chapter to overcome challenging PvE nodes & reap big rewards.

Bug Fixes

  • Scriptorums, when not in the middle of battle, now have an icon over them to indicate which hero is currently assigned to them.
  • A confirmation warning has been added before battle if you have a warlord throne but it doesn’t have an active hero on it (either no hero assigned or the assigned hero is resting).
  • An issue where replays could end up not replaying the same related to critical strike has been fixed.
  • Fixed the display of Medipacks on the hero revive window so that it will show medipack count instead of stimpack count.
  • Defensive hero will now spawn correctly even if the scriptorum was fully surrounded by buildings and the scriptorum was then destroyed with combat abilities.
  • When Orsino is using his ability he will no longer shoot through shields.
  • Troops that have the status effect from Saul Tarvitz’s Master of Defence ability will no longer take damage if they also have the curse status.
  • If your device isn’t connected to the internet the game should detect and alert you to this fact much more quickly than before.
  • An issue where Kaleb Bloodhammer’s Tremor Strike ability could end up damaging himself or his allies was fixed.
  • Buildings should have the state of their upgrade beacons more quickly updated and some buildings that weren’t displaying their beacons at all should now do so correctly.
  • If Necrepitus Gokram has the Second Chance talent and uses his ability twice in a battle, his damage bonus will be updated to reflect the new number of friendly units that are dead. Previously, the second use of this ability would have no effect.
  • If you attempt to log in while your base is under attack, there is a warning message that shows up. This message had incorrect text on it. It should show the text correctly now.
  • Corrected calculations for how frequently talents that trigger x% per second of attacking so that they properly account for the speed of the hero’s attacks.
  • Fixed a rare issue where if troops were still walking toward a beacon target when the building was destroyed and they were in range of the new target they chose to attack, they wouldn’t path to the new target and would end up getting “stuck” until they received new orders.
  • Improved reliability of issues that would cause skirmish to end suddenly when the server thought that one client had disconnected.
  • Fixed an issue where if you started watching a replay in which your defending hero was defeated and shut the game down before leaving the replay when you resumed the game your hero would be put into resting.
  • Fixed an issue where replays in which Nevarion Doombringer used his ability would lock up.
  • Fixed an issue where flying units would be hit by the damage zone from the plasma storm turret.
  • Fixed an issue where Brother Negarian could end up killing himself or an ally when he used his ability.

Android-specific fixes and notes:

  • Fixes to some file downloading issues which will hopefully make the game more reliable on first install and thereafter.
  • Made improvements to the IAP system to make it more reliable.
  • Due to a necessary upgrade, we are no longer able to support Android 4.0.3 (API 15, Ice Cream Sandwich). The oldest Android OS we can now support is Android 4.1 (API 16, Jelly Bean). This will impact some Kindle tablets sold in 2012.

Balance changes:

  • Support units now fire their first shot somewhat more quickly and have somewhat more Health

  • Dreadnoughts have somewhat more Health

  • Mortars have more Health, and their shots take slightly less time to land

  • Beamers take slightly longer to acquire targets

  • Decreased the AoE damage of Predators and Glaives

  • Raptors now have somewhat lower DPS but somewhat higher Health

  • Asketill’s Cleaning Flame now has a much shorter duration and slightly narrower radius, but it deals more damage and can eventually increase his Health by a larger multiplier over his normal maximum

  • Asketill’s base Health decreased

  • Brother Zhyrgal’s base DPS decreased, but his Volkite effect now does more damage

  • Orsino Titus’ Firing Stance now makes him fire three times as fast, lasts a shorter duration at high levels, and gives a slightly lower range extension at high levels. His base range has also been decreased slightly.

  • Graviton Cannon will now fire at any support buildings when dominated

  • Troops attached to defensive heroes will now take their level from the research level of the controlling player (for PvP) or from the level of the base (for PvE) rather than from the level of the hero

  • Free and Lesser Rallies can now give Shard rewards


Changelog for May 17, 2017
Big changes in Drop Assault 2.2.0:
We’ve added six new turrets to be released in the coming weeks: The Plasma Storm, Tanglefoot, Void Shield, Volkite, Multi-Melta & Graviton will be arriving soon, ready to defend your base or take you down when you infiltrate the bases of your enemies. We’ve also added new turrets to new PvE maps and Skirmish Mode.
Increased maximum HQ level to 25. Many other buildings and research levels have also had their maximum possible levels increased.
You can now upgrade your Rally Zones past level 20, giving the troops built there a bonus to Health and Damage.
Chapter Tournaments have been completely revamped. They’re now similar to the weekly player tournaments, but run on a monthly basis. Tournaments have also been added for Glory and Honour for Chapters.
We also fixed some pesky bugs, including:
  • Fixed an issue with the ad roll button in the Forge and Scriptorium unlocking early
  • Tournament rewards can now be claimed faster than before. The game used to seemingly lock up on this window, but this shouldn’t happen anymore.
  • Memory usage fix to reduce crashes on older devices
  • Fixed issue w/background music turning itself off
  • Fixed issue in non-Skirmish battles where units would go to the wrong square after being beaconed to a point on the map (as opposed to a specific building)
  • Long range units should no longer strangely move closer than needed to perform their attack
  • Additional bug fixes
Lastly, we made some balance changes, including:
  • Brother Zhyrgal’s speed reduced from 13 to 11
  • Duration of Asketill’s tactic reduced
  • At a few levels, added additional resource generators on base and increased their production rate moderately
  • Slight increases to Tactical, Support, Jetbike and Dreadnought Health
  • Deathstorm now does slightly more damage
  • Glaives do slightly less AoE damage
  • Beamer’s AoE attack now does less damage to infantry and Jetbikes but more to other troops
  • Loot from PvE attacks has been increased slightly
  • Requirements for individual tournaments relaxed at some tiers, and some rewards increased
  • Increased the immediate Power rewards from conquering Power Bases
  • Reduced Player XP requirements slightly at high levels

Change log for February 14, 2017

2.1.1 Update – Bug Fixes & Balance Changes – February 2017
(Note: includes only changes to features that were live in the game as of 2.1.0, i.e., excludes changes to unreleased Heroes.)
  • Increased HQ Health substantially, primarily at higher levels (100% increase at HQ level 20)
  • Increased defensive bonuses available on relics and wargear
  • Limited Draykavak’s tactic to a radius around himself. Note that non-English text does not reflect this change at this time.
  • Heroes now lose the Stealth status when they invoke their tactic
  • Changes to Heavy Support: Now have a 4 second chargeup time; target change time reduced from 1.5 seconds to 0.5 seconds
  • Flamers’ and Dreadnoughts’ projectiles now move faster and have an area of effect of 1 instead of 0
  • Teleporting units now spread in a max radius of 3 (was 0 in 1.5 and effectively infinite in 2.0)
  • Horus’ tactic has slightly reduced radius but slightly increased duration for the Haywire
  • Boosted Beamer damage slightly (will now one-shot comparably levelled Glaives unless Glaives have significantly superior bonuses)
  • Putidus Krug will no longer sometimes start dealing 0 damage instead of his normal attack damage.
  • Fixed issue while attacking another player’s base where if your troops walked away from an enemy hero who had been lured out of the Scriptorium building they could end up appearing to stand in the same place while logically being in a different place.
  • Using the Servo heal ability will no longer cause the enemy hero to come out of the Scriptorium
  • Fixed an issue where using Loken’s Born Survivor ability would could cause the battle to lock up in Skirmish.
  • Glaive Deployment Energy cost increased from 4 to 5
  • The game will not crash when resuming after being suspended for an hour on some Android devices.
  • Additional bug fixes to upcoming heroes.

Change log for January 25, 2017

This update includes many new Heroes, bug fixes and performance improvements.
  1. Check out 20 new Heroes with 20 new and unique tactics, including Saul Tarvitz and Angron the Conqueror! This includes 3 Epic, 8 Rare, and 9 Uncommon Heroes. These will be released over the coming weeks.
  2. Fixed issue with Born Survivor talent. You will no longer lose a battle if your hero has this talent and is the last unit to die at the end of the battle and then revives using that talent.
  3. Fixed issue where troops would sometimes take longer than intended to train if you queued more troops to build on a rally zone while some were already training.
  4. Watching replays in which your Hero dies will no longer cause your Hero to go into rest mode if you quit and restart the game quickly after watching.
  5. Buildings destroyed by Putidus’ Plasma Storm tactic will now count properly for bonus objectives and daily challenges.
  6. The Titan will no longer “waste” laser shots on buildings that were destroyed during the laser barrage phase by units or abilities other than the Titan.
  7. Ikram the Ravager’s Implosion Strike tactic now does % damage based off of the total health of the object it is used against instead of the current health of the object.
  8. Issues where watching ads sometimes would not apply bonuses immediately (for example attempting to speed up a building and the time not advancing) should now function as intended.
  9. Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

- Edit: January 25, 2017 at 2:44 p.m. CST -

10. Made revisions and changes to our matchmaking system. Players should now be matching with others closer to their level.

In addition to the above updates, we’ve also made some slight balance changes to two specific Heroes.

  • % damage of Ikram the Ravager’s tactic at all tactic levels reduced
  • % damage of Laelius Whisperbane’s tactic at the maximum level reduced but % damage at the minimum level increased. Also increased the amount by which his health can go above its normal max at the max level.

Change log for September 12, 2016

- Nine new Heroes have been added to be unveiled each week
- You can now view ads to roll for Heroes, speed up Hero rest timers & give Heroes stimpacks. *edit September 15, 2016 –>* We’ve also added more ad videos, so you shouldn’t run out of ads to view as frequently as before.
- Get Revenge on those who defeat your base! *edit September 15, 2016 –>* We’d previously stated that back-and-forth Revenge battles had a finite cycle of three battles, but that was wrong. Provided that you keep winning Revenge battles, an indefinite Revenge chain is totally a thing that can happen. As with before, successful Revenge will net you the 5 Glory you lost from the attack & the other player’s unprotected resources.
- Bug fixes, performance, stability & reliability improvements
- *edit September 14, 2016* We’ve also increased rewards in Skirmish Battles!
- *edit September 14, 2016* The Activity Log has been expanded to show 50 messages instead of 20, giving you more chances to exact Revenge!

Change log for July 7, 2016

- Added 10 New Heroes with many more to be released in the coming weeks!
- Each Hero has a unique tactic to be used in battle.
- Heroes stats and Tactics can be leveled up by fighting battles.
- Added the Scriptorum Building to allow Heroes to defend your base.
- Added the Warlord Throne Building to bring Heroes into battle.
- Added New Wargear option to the Forge, which allows you to craft powerful items to equip onto Heroes.
- You can now claim one free Forge each day after watching a Video.
- We have reverted a Health buff which Tactical Marines received with the previous update due to an imbalance that it caused.


Change log for March 14, 2016

Skirmish mode is back! We know you’ve been waiting patiently for PvP to return and we are so excited for you to check out this completely revamped mode of the game. Stay tuned for videos outlining the changes to Skirmish mode.
We’ve tweaked the balance of a number of units in response to your feedback and player trends over these past few months. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on these updates, so please let us know what you think by tapping on the Help button in the Options menu of your game. Thank you!
Introducing Power Bases: Power bases are now contestable between you and other players. This means that each time you fight for the base and someone wins, the base and its defenses will increase in level and resource output, adding a new layer of challenge to the game.
You may remember that we recently introduced our very first Legion Elite unit in the fall, the Archmagos. This update introduces four more Legion Elite units called Legion Terminators, which are an Elite version of the Terminators you’ve grown accustomed to in Drop Assault. (Don’t worry, regular Terminators are still waiting for you.) Legion Terminators are the first unit that are specific to your Legion choice, meaning the Sons of Horus legion gets their own Legion Terminator and so on. Each Legion Terminator has their own unique strength and can be retrained and upgraded using Legion Favour, just like the Archmagos.
We’ve made new challenges, offers, and events for you. These include deals on purchases, events that increase your spoils, and much more.
We’ve added some new ways to retrain troops that are both faster and lower in total Resource cost.
Speaking of troops, we’ve addressed an issue with troop losses upon log out.
We’ve updated the world map with a new 3D look.
In an effort to be able to bring you more Drop Assault content, we’ve added advertisements to the game. Don’t worry, ads will never randomly pop up in your game. Instead, viewing ads are entirely optional to train your troops faster or receive a little bit of Machine Spirit.
Lastly, we’ve improved memory usage in the game so you have to log in less often than before.
Questions, comments? We’d love to hear from you. The best way to reach us is by tapping on the Help button in the Options menu to send a quick message to our in-house support team.

Change log for November 19, 2015


  1. Units, turrets and buildings are now all in 3D with much smoother animations!

  2. The Archmagos, the first unit of the new Legion Elite class, is now available for battle! The Archmagos can be trained and upgraded with the new Legion Favour resource.

  3. Performance and memory improvements mean that you will get into the game and into battles faster.

  4. You will now see more visual upgrades to your buildings as you level them up.

  5. You can now select the Beacon Combat Tactic for a single Unit Group by tapping on that Unit Group along the bottom of your screen.

  6. Status effects in battle are much clearer.

  7. Install and download sizes are significantly smaller.

  8. There are new non-player base configurations to attack.

  9. Non-player bases give larger rewards.

  10. Top Weekly ranks are easier to attain with larger rewards.

  11. Skirmish is temporarily disabled.

  12. Chapter HQ building now displays Chapter flag
  13. Players may now refresh PvP bases on their maps every 72 hours.
  14. General bug fixes, performance improvements, and minor tweaks to the gameplay.



  1. Units now spread out more and occupy more space when they fire on a target. This particularly affects vehicles, which occupy more space than infantry.

  2. Almost all unit and turret ranges (except the Terminator, the Mortar, and the Whirlwind) extended slightly.

  3. Tactical Marines’ Health upgrades more with each level.

  4. Terminators’ Health upgrades less with each level.

  5. Jetbikes’ Health is increased.

  6. Predators, Dreadnoughts and Glaives will stop to fire at any buildings along their path, and they will flatten any rubble in their way.

  7. Deployment costs are reduced: Glaives now cost 4 Energy to deploy, Fire Raptors cost 2, and Dreadnoughts are free.

  8. Anti-Armour Mine Damage is decreased.

  9. The Bloodlust Tactic now affects a smaller area and gives a 50% Damage bonus, but its duration is substantially increased.

  10. The Titan is much more powerful.

  11. Various other minor balance changes.


Change log for August 12, 2015


  1. Game now holds in memory longer so you can suspend the app for longer and come back without reloading.

  2. Added a 2x/3x speed button to the combat UI

  3. Updated friend features. Added Facebook friend invite option.

  4. Added version number to the load screen.

  5. Corrected Achievement Sorting: Unclaimed first, then others, then fully completed last.

  6. Removed the Combat Tactic delay on AI and enemy player maps, so Tactics now trigger instantly.

  7. Improved Daily mission system.

  8. Increased all font sizes for phones.

  9. Revised Chapter Glory Tournament so it’s based on Glory gained during the season month, not total Glory.

  10. Added a Weekly Glory Tournament feature. This will be on an individual basis and as above, it will be based on glory gained each week, rather than total glory overall.

  11. Relic bonus fixes.

  12. Balanced audio.

  13. You can now tap a Combat Tactic a second time to deselect it.

  14. Added an info button to turrets in the turret store, allowing users to see their stats and full descriptions before buying.

  15. Enemy player relic information is now available to see during Skirmish battles.

  16. A small Machine Spirit reward was added for successful base defences.

  17. New achievement added for Liking our Facebook page.

  18. All temporary stat bonuses are now displayed in purple, permanent stat increases are displayed in orange.

  19. Tooltips have been added to the planet loading screen.

  20. The move to convert all of our units, turrets and buildings to 3D has begun. This will drastically improve performance and the visuals & animations look way better!

  21. Troop Companies are indicated on screen when using the Beacon Tactic.

  22. General bug fixes and performance improvements.



  1. Heavy Bolter turrets can now target Air units.
  2. Lascannons’ fire rate is slowed down significantly.
  3. Flamer turrets now receive a bonus against Terminators and Jetbikes.
  4. The Beamer now has a much longer range.
  5. The Whirlwind Turret’s minimum range does not apply to air units.
  6. Anti-Armor mines pack a much stronger punch.
  7. Dreadnoughts are substantially more powerful.
  8. Orbital Strike now deals only half damage to targets caught within its Area of Effect.
  9. Each use of the Life-Eater Tactic is now more expensive but deals more damage.
  10. The Deathstorm Tactic is much more powerful.
  11. The Dominate Tactic affects a single target only.
  12. The Titan now fires a fixed number of laser shots before the Tactic completes.
  13. All troops better resist damage from other troops.
  14. Various other minor balance changes.