May 17

2.2.0 update

Hey there, we’ve just pushed our 2.2.0 update to app stores. This is a pretty significant update, with lots of new content and bug fixes. If you don’t see it in your app store yet, don’t panic! It takes some time for the update to reach every store and every region.

Highlights include:

  • Six new turrets will be released in the coming weeks: The Plasma Storm, Tanglefoot, Void Shield, Volkite, Multi-Melta and Graviton will be arriving soon, ready to defend your base or take you down when you infiltrate the bases of your enemies. We’ve also added new turrets to new PvE maps and Skirmish Mode.
  • We’ve increased maximum HQ level to 25. Many other buildings and research levels have also had their maximum possible levels increased.
  • You can now upgrade your Rally Zones past level 20, giving the troops built there a bonus to Health and Damage.
  • Chapter Tournaments have been completely revamped. They’re now similar to the weekly player tournaments, but run on a monthly basis. Tournaments have also been added for Glory and Honour for Chapters.
For a list of every change, please check out our changelog.

Feb 16

Matchmaking Adjustments

We are in the process of deploying adjustments to address the issue of level camping. Our matchmaking system now takes Hero levels into account when choosing opponents. If your Hero is not considerably higher in level than expected, you will not experience any changes to gameplay and matchmaking. Please note: these changes will not require the game to go down for maintenance.
We will continue to investigate player concerns and make changes where needed. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our Support team via the Help button.