So, you’ve updated Drop Assault and have a new unit at your disposal. You may be wondering what the Archmagos does or how he can help your team on the battlefields of Isstvan III. Worry not, for we’ll explain.

Archmagos available now!

We’ve got a video coming your way shortly showing a number of strategies for the Archmagos, but here’s what you need to know until then.

The Archmagos is a dedicated support unit responsible for healing your team and casting curses on your foes to increase overall damage dealt by your accompanying units. He can skim over mines thanks to his hovering Abeyant platform. That doesn’t mean he can’t get caught in one activated by a nearby unit, so be careful!

As with all other units, the Archmagos is level 1 when unlocked. The number of Servo Skulls that tag along with him, as well as the amount by which they’ll heal your teammates, will rise as he is leveled up through your Research building. The Archmagos’ mighty curse will also increase in duration with his level.

We have a lot more to share with you about the Archmagos in our upcoming video, but until then, we encourage you to check out this new unit for yourself.

We’re incredibly excited to announce that our latest update to Drop Assault is now available for download on the Apple iTunes Store and the Google Play Store! If you’re looking for the update on Amazon, please know that it will be available very soon.

This update includes a ton of improvements but the most obvious one you’ll notice is an overhaul to the graphics of the game. All buildings and units are now in glorious 3D for your gaming and viewing pleasure. Also, the incredible new Archmagos unit is available in this update.

Archmagos available now!

To learn about everything in this update, please check out our Change Log.

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