May 20

Winners of Banner Contest

A few weeks back, we invited our fans to submit the designs they’d like to see on their chapter banners in our Design Your Chapter contest. We received a lot of incredible entries! After much deliberation, our panel of judges selected five winners. But it doesn’t stop there. They were so impressed with the caliber of entries that they decided to select an additional five runners up.

The top five winners are Anton Vermeulen (Thunder Warriors), Rob Bushfield, RenatuSalex Spielt (Golden Fists), Twitter user @Golokipitenko and Steven Dara. Congratulations!

Five runners up are: Ryker Kiedrowski, Curt Sigg, Robert Blade, Farehin Yusni and Joshua Allen. Congratulations!

Our top five winners, in addition to having their entries appear in-game, will receive a Machine Spirit Sepulchre. Our runners up will also see their designs appear in-game, and will receive 100 Machine Spirit.

Chapter Banner Contest Winners

Stay tuned for more contests and giveaways coming soon!

Apr 13

Mechani-Kon Tournament

staff_james_vanniekerkJames here again, this weekend, my brother Jonas (Art Director at Complex Games) and I attended a local tournament called Mechani-Kon, and were able to donate some Drop Assault schwag as prize support to the winners! In the tournament, I brought my Dark Eldar forces and Jonas brought his Tau. And in our games, we both had a few memorable moments worth sharing!

Some such moments include:

Circling in for the kill, a pack of Beasts, unit of Reaver Jetbikes and a Squad of Grotesques led by their sadistic Archon all swarmed into a unit of Nurgle Obliterators. However I learned the hard way not to under estimate the might of that Terminator Armour, and after all of my attacks plinked off of them helplessly, they retorted with a royal beat down, the likes of which my lack-luster assault force was not equipped to handle! Battered and bruised, they fled in all directions, costing me the game!

In another scenario revolving around slaying each other’s Warlord, my Archon had his entire squad wiped out more than once by an Astra Militarum tank line. But being the sneaky devil that he is, each time he jumped his way into another squad for protection. Finally my opponent’s general, Command Pask, in a Leman Russ tank of his own, catches my lone Archon flat-footed after wiping out his bodyguards. With a glint on his Vanquisher Cannon and a grin of self-satisfaction he finally turns that poor Archon into a distant memory! But Pasks trigger happy fury wound up costing him the game, since the objective was to “capture” the enemy warlord, doing so with instant death weapons had a critical VP penalty.

In the same scenario, Jonas’ Tau battled against another Astra Militarum army, whose Commissar valiantly charged into a pack of Kroot occupied with a platoon of Guardsmen. But on his way to combat he stumbled over his footing and fell short of the charge, left in the open and on the wrong end of some unfortunately placed smart missile systems!

In another battle, A Leman Russ Demolisher planted itself on the top of an 8″ tall rocky spire creating a 24″ radius of doom. After losing the first turn initiative, the suits were reduced to ashes by a perfectly placed demolisher blast. Try as they might, the remaining Crysis suits never did manage to bring it down.

The amazing paint jobs!

Lastly, as always one of the most fun parts of attending the tournament was enjoying the array of beautiful armies that many talented hobbiests spent their year perfecting. Included below is just a small smattering of some of the armies I was able to photograph between games!