Incoming Adjustments

As you know, we launched our largest update ever in July of this year, bringing the Lords of War to The Horus Heresy: Drop Assault. Since then, we’ve added a range of Heroes to help you conquer the battlefield and defend your home base. We’ve been monitoring the overall health and balance of the game closely with this update to make sure our players are having the best experience possible, but we also look to your feedback to help us assess where things are at and what improvements can be made moving forward.

Recent player complaints have turned our attention to the issue of seemingly “Invincible Heroes”, in particular with Ikram the Ravager. We’ve found that a certain combination of abilities used with Ikram are highly exploitable, making him an indestructible force. Naturally, we want players to be able to think strategically about how they can defend themselves against a range of different attacks, including those coming from Ikram, so we are taking this feedback seriously and are working to make adjustments to ensure that Ikram’s power, while still intense, is in-line with expectations.

We’d like to thank our players for bringing this issue to our attention and encourage you to continue sending us your feedback so we can continue improving things moving forward.